Green Bay Walks among the clouds

Mr Bear Branches and The Cloud Conundrum by Terry Rose Baynton

Bear Branches is a book about friendship and about making somebody else’s dream come true. The children at Green Bay loved the illustrations, but what got them most excited was all these interesting words. After usually a minute of stunned silence the brave ones came forward and had a go at pronouncing conundrum, amoebae and pterodactyl ( I secretly practised the last two myself, before reading the story to Year 1 students).
And here’s another one that might come in handy when talking about Bear Branches :
Bear Branches sparked a big discussion among the kids on whether it was actually possible to walk among clouds:
We came up with two possible ways:
1. When you are in an aeroplane that is just flying up through the clouds
2. Just up the road from Green Bay, on top of the hill in Titirangi, especially on a cloudy rainy day

Mason, Harrison, Ben and Leo from Room 6 add their impression of the journey to sit among the clouds:
Bear cropped

Author and illustrator Terri Rose Baynton
Terri Rose Baynton lives in the beautiful seaside town of Waihi Beach, New Zealand, amongst good friends, warm waves and a menagerie of animals.
She is a scriptwriter and storyliner for children’s television, working with Weta Productions on Jane and the Dragon and The Wotwots, alongside her father, Wotwots creator Martin Baynton.


One thought on “Green Bay Walks among the clouds

  1. Zenobia

    This is the book I wish I had written. It’s a sweet story, but what I like most about it is that it brings the real and the imaginary together. Around ANZAC day, I walked up Mt Ruapehu, and we were literally above the clouds, so this book reminds me of that *amazing* experience as well.
    Keep up the great work, Green Bay writers!


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