The Millennium Tree

The Millennium tree by Marnie Anstis, illustrated by Patricia Howitt and Kelly Spencer


Tayla Nasmith from Room 13, Green Bay Primary writes the following:

The Millennium tree is filled with facts about the past of New Zealand, amazing pictures and useful information. The pictures are very detailed and tell a story. The illustrators have painted and drawn the pictures exceptionally well. There is lots of information about New Zealand’s past, like what happened during war time and other events that are special to New Zealand and that we should always remember. The story in the book made me think of why we remember the sad tragic events in New Zealand. The book has facts and told me things I did not know. The words painted a good picture in my head. The parts I found interesting were when it talked about war and the plague. I think the book is suitable for children and adults.

And look at Tayla’s expert penmanship:

There is an excellent website to go with the book:

Marnie Anstis (writer)
Marnie’s literary endeavours developed from reading aloud to her children and enjoying the sounds and effects of word-combinations. Initial efforts were frequently published in the NZ Gardener and NZ Dairy Exporter magazines.

Her major writing achievement has been writing and publishing the book Taketakerau: The Millennium Tree, which received a prize in the 2012 Ashton Wylie Children’s Book Award, and was included in the Listener 50 Best Children’s Books, 2012.

Patricia Howitt (illustrator)
After years of painting and drawing the New Zealand high country while working full-time as a lawyer, Patricia Howitt now lives on 10 acres in the Far North, adjacent to virgin bush – one of the continuing inspirations for her work. She freelances in art, illustration, and Internet design and graphics from her home, and recently received an award through the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust for her 36 paintings for the book Taketakerau: The Millennium Tree.

Kelly Spencer (illustrator)
Kelly is a freelance illustrative artist, moonlighting in graphic design.
Her ‘fine art’ work is strongly influenced by the essence of the natural world – she has great respect for the creatures who share this earth.
Currently based at Honey Badger Creative Studios in Wellington, Kelly’s work includes book illustration, webpage design, tee-shirt graphics, branding and poster design… and painting a fiberglass life-sized baby elephant for the Melbourne Zoo.
She has exhibited in group shows in Wellington, Melbourne, and Atlanta.


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