Amazing artefacts and stories from Te Papa

100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa by Simon Morton and Riria Hotere
Now you can pay a regular visit to Te Papa, even if you don’t live anywhere near Wellington. In fact, you can keep Te Papa at your house. 100 Amazing Tales of Aotearoa is based on the TV Series ‘Tales from Te Papa’. The book comes with two DVDs containing all episodes of the series, as well as some bonus material.

Here is what David from Room 2 (Year 5/6) thought of the book:

‘What are you doing reading this review, when you can be off looking for this book? This is an AMAZING book. I myself loved it. It’s FULL of AMAZING tales from Aotearoa. Did you know that moth’s eggs can be sent through the mail? I bet you didn’t know that.
But, I thought that the author could have made the book more EXCITING by putting more enthusiasm in it and describing things more than he/she did. As I read this book I was astonished at how many things I did not know about New Zealand.
This book was truly fascinating, but another thing I thought the author could have changed was making the book a wee bit simpler by adding more simple words, instead of adding hard complicated words, because it was very hard trying to understand the words that the author put in. But besides that the book was fine.
The photographs taken were taken professionally. That was one of my favourite things about the book.
It made me think quite a lot on how it was possible to send moth’s eggs through the mail without them getting damaged.
I actually recommend this book for people who just like knowing facts and also people who just like reading non-fiction.’

Simon Morton (writer)
Simon Morton is a Wellington-based broadcaster and presenter of the Radio New Zealand National show This Way Up and the TV series Why We Buy and Tales from Te Papa.
His first proper job was a three-year stint for bungy jumping pioneer AJ Hackett. Simon also worked at the BBC World Service in London producing the weekly technology series, Digital Planet, and produced work for National Public Radio in the US and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
He’s usually seen around Wellington on his bike, and is dead keen on a game of soccer.

Riria Hotere (writer)
Riria Hotere (Ngāti Maniapoto, Te Aupōuri) is an actor in the Maori Television language series Kōrero Mai and a former member of Te Papa’s education team. Currently she works for Huia Publishers as a Resource Developer.
As well as being a core cast member in Kōrero Mai, she has also been behind the camera as a director on the weekly soap Akina.
Fluent in te reo, Riria also grew up with Japanese and Spanish cultures and studied Spanish at University.


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