Green Bay discovers the secret of ‘Red Rocks’ by Rachael King


Lana from Room 2 writes:
‘A lot of things are likeable about this book. There are a lot of adventures, questions and mystery. Red Rocks made me think about what will happen next and who will it happen to. I like the cover of the book with the bold red title and the different shades of red.
One of my favourite things about this book is that it is based on a fascinating fantasy story that suddenly comes to live. The events have a lot of meaning and structure
The blurb on the back is very mysterious. The book has no images, but I could picture it all very clearly. The book is full of adventure, fantasy, mystery and a lot more!!!
I like that there is an ancient spell in the book. I also liked the idea of animals being included in the book. I can’t really tell you any more without spoiling the surprise. You have to read it yourself.
I think people who enjoy reading about adventures, magic and fantasy will really like this book.’

And this is what Samantha thinks:
‘Red Rocks is the most exciting and extraordinary book you will ever read. When I was reading it, I could see the characters in my head. It felt like I was in the book. The book was scary and exciting at the same time. I loved it.
Red Rocks is about a boy named Jake who goes on little adventures. Along the way he meets people who are different from us and he gets an unexpected surprise. I like that the book has seals in it; I like books with animals.
I hope you get a chance to read Red Rocks and expericence the adventure.’

Did you know that Red Rocks is actually a real place?
Red rocks

It’s in Wellington. You can go and visit. But, whatever you do, leave that seal skin where it is !!!

You can read more background information on the book on Rachael’s webpage:

Rachael King
Picture taken by Sharon Blance

Rachael King is the author of two novels for adults and a novel for children.
Rachael has a Masters in Creative Writing from the International Institute of Modern Letters at Wellington’s Victoria University. In 2008 King was the Ursula Bethell Writer in residence at Canterbury University, and she has lived in Christchurch ever since.


One thought on “Green Bay discovers the secret of ‘Red Rocks’ by Rachael King

  1. Zenobia

    Ooh, Lana, you really made we want to read this book.. Definitely going to be borrowing this from the library soon. Awesome review x


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