Creating a memory for Gran

The ACB with Honora Lee by Kate de Goldi


Perry sets out to create a new memory for Gran who seems to have lost hers. She uses her own love of language to create The ACB with Honara Lee.
The book, in a way, reminds Lily from Room 2 of her own grandmother:

‘The ACB with Honara Lee is a very cute and funny story. It tells you that both children and elderly people can get along. It was a most excellent story and I enjoyed it lots.
My favourite character was the kissy goldfish-lipped Doris. She has a very cute personality and reminds me a lot of my own grandmother who is constantly applying lipstick and when she kisses you it goes all over you! I also liked the nurse Audrey.
I think that The ACB with Honora Lee is a story that people of many ages can enjoy – from 10 to only goodness knows how many years old. I loved the story and would seriously recommend the book to my friends. My mum even said that it looked like an interesting book.
One of my favourite things is that the book has things that you wouldn’t expect to happen.
Like when Gran goes to steal peppermints from Melven’s room.
I also love it when Gran always asks questions like “Who’s Perry?” and “Where are all my pupils? They are late.” Grandma used to be a teacher.
Much like Perry, I like to visit my grandmother at her retirement home.
I enjoyed this book a lot. I think that many of you will enjoy this book as much as I did. Go and look for it in bookshops!’

Kate de Goldi, author
Kate de Goldi is one of this country’s most loved authors. The author of the phenomenal The 10 PM Question, which has been published extensively overseas, she is a two-time winner of the New Zealand Post Children’s Book of the Year Award. She has held several major fellowships and is a respected broadcaster, book festival chair and public speaker. She is also dedicated and committed to working with schoolchildren. Kate lives in Wellington.

Gregory O’Brien, illustrator
Gregory O’Brien is a Wellington-based writer and artist. His visual art is included in the touring exhibition Kermadec—Nine Artists in the South Pacific. His latest collection of poetry and drawings is Beauties of the Octagonal Pool (AUP, 2012).
He has recently written books about the painters Euan Macleod and Pat Hanly, and the expatriate New Zealand illustrator Graham Percy.
Greg was recipient of a 2012 Arts Foundation Laureate Award and the 2012 Prime Minister’s Award for Literary Achievement.


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