Green Bay learns something new about the life of kiwis

Kiwi – The real story by Annemarie Florian and Heather Hunt

The children of Green Bay Primary explore the habitat of the Kiwi through this colourful book. Here is what they think:

Lauren and Lina, Room 3:
‘This book is very interesting to read, because we learnt lost of facts about kiwis that we didn’t know before. When we finished reading the book, we thought that we needed to start to care about the environment more. We also learnt that Kiwis are omnivores which means they can eat almost anything. Female kiwis always eat two or three times as much food as normal about a month before they have a baby. As you can see, this is a very interesting and informative book.
What we liked about the illustrations was that they were really colourful, but also had a lot of dark colours like the kiwi habitat. It was like a splattered rainbow all over the book.
The story was really about what goes on throughout a kiwi’s life and also what kiwis like doing and what they like to eat. The story was also about what a baby kiwi does when they are ready to come out of their egg.’

Cameron, Year 6:
‘What I liked about this book is that it was all researched and proven. The pictures were very distinct and unusual. They were not very detailed, but have a lot of movement. The book made me think about how we can help the kiwi and get the population up higher.
I learnt a lot of useful facts about the kiwi like its diet, where it makes its nest and how long their relationships last for.’

Annemarie Florian (writer)
Annemarie Florian is an independent bookseller at Storytime, an award-winning children’s store stocking books and toys in Whangarei. An academic librarian in a previous life, Annemarie has convened the Russell Clark Award and was a judge for the New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards in 2012. Other publications she has authored include Time to Sleep and Books for Babies, also a collaboration with Heather Hunt.

Heather Hunt (illustrator)
Heather Hunt is an illustrator, graphic designer, artist and photographer. She recently worked with Backyard Kiwi, a local Whangarei initiative, to design a distinctive and unique kiwi character, which has now been portrayed in a range of art prints. The original drawings inspired Heather and Annemarie Florian to develop Kiwi: the real story, which Heather illustrated and designed digitally using vector points.


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