Green Bay visits The Beach while staying warm and dry

At the Beach by Ned Barraud and Gillian Chandler

Charlotte, Room 4, and Noah, Room 6, together with their Mum explore beach life from the comfort of their couch:

‘We liked looking at the illustrations. Ned Barraud can really draw. The text is easy to understand. There is even a glossary at the end of the book. We couldn’t decide which crab is the creepiest, but we agreed that the sea anemone and the kina with their long tube feet and their big mouths are the scariest looking sea creatures. We learned that starfish can split themselves in half and grow new arms. Our favourite thing is the detachable card at the end of the book, with pictures of all the animals and plants from the book. We can’t wait to take the card to the beach and find creatures to match the card and then go home and read up about them in the book.’

We don’t quite understand, though, why the duck is in this book. Everybody knows that ducks live in our backyard. In fact, Green Bay is full of ducks. We even have them at our school trying to steal our lunches. Sometimes there are traffic jams on Green Bay’s main road, when Mother Duck crosses the road with her ducklings at a casual pace.

Everybody knows that ducks that live in the ocean look this:

Gillian Candler (writer)
Gillian Candler was a secondary-school teacher for many years before moving into educational publishing with Learning Media in Wellington, where she worked as an editor, project manager and eventually CEO. She currently works as an educational publishing consultant from her home in Pukerua Bay.

Read Gillian’s blog at

Ned Barraud (illustrator)
Ned Barraud is a talented illustrator with a passion for sea creatures. His work has been published frequently in the School Journal, and he illustrated The Earthquake and the Butterfly (2012). He works at Weta Digital as a texture artist and lives in Wellington, spending lots of time exploring the seashore with his three young children.

See Ned’s website


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