Green Bay travels to Fontania

The Queen and the Nobody Boy by Barbara Else
The Queen and the Nobody Boy
is the second book in Barbara Else’s Tales of Fontania series. The first book The Travelling Restaurant won an Honour award at the 2012 New Zealand Post Children’s Book Awards and also went on to win scores of other awards.

Here is what Elise from Room 2 thinks about The Queen and the Nobody Boy:

‘I like the book, because it is interesting and I couldn’t stop reading it.
When I look at the book I think it’s going to be an adventure story including magic because of the train on the front–cover.
I love the story because it’s adventurous and quite sad at the same time and it nearly made me cry, because the queen ran away because nobody really cared for her. It made me laugh a bit because the book is quite a comedy.
The book had me thinking about what was going to happen in the next chapter, because it was a huge adventure. So I didn’t know whether it was going to be a good thing or a bad thing that would happen next.
If the book did have an illustrator, I think the illustrator should put in lots of creative pictures so that the reader can picture the scene.
I also think that the author should have described the scene a bit more and the characters, because it was hard to picture the scene and characters in my head.
I think that the people who would like the book are people that like adventure stories.
When I read the book I learnt not to run away, because I wouldn’t know if something good or bad will happen.
What I found interesting about the book is that lots of interesting things can be put into one book and that the book doesn’t want to be closed until you’ve finished reading it. In the end I finished the book and started reading a new one.’

Barbara Else (author)
Barbara Else is the author of six adult novels, and is one of New Zealand’s most respected writers. She is a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to literature, and has worked as a university tutor, editor and freelance writer. Barbara lives in Wellington, New Zealand. The first book in the ‘Tales of Fontania’ series, The Travelling Restaurant, won the LIANZA Esther Glen Award and was selected as the NZ IBBY Honour Book for Writing in 2012.

Visit Barbara’s blog.


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