Earth Dragon, Fire Hare

Earth Dragon, Fire Hare by Ken Catran

A short but sharp review by Diana from Green Bay Creative Writers:

With a setting of the Second World War the book focused on Peter, a young boy living in New Zealand and Ng a young boy living in Malaya. As a period novel, the book doesn’t disappoint with a vibrant and atmospheric portal of the period. Little gems of historical information have been interwoven throughout the novel making it an interesting read for both young and old. Without a doubt this book has been well researched to reflect both the Malaysian and New Zealand wartime experience.
Although the character portrayal could do with more depth, the deficiency is more than made up by the quick moving storyline as we experience Peter and Ng transition from child to adulthood and share in those pivotal moments which shape our being.

Ken Catran (writer)
Ken Catran has written professionally for 30 years, beginning in television. He now writes YA fiction, and has published close to fifty books: history, war fiction, thrillers and science fiction, published internationally. Winner of nine writing awards, he is the 2007 recipient of the Margaret Mahy Award for services to children’s literature. Ken lives in South Canterbury.


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