‘Toucan Can’ by Juliette McIver and Sarah Davis


… or The many incarnations of Aunt Samantha’s panther

reviewed by the junior classes at Green Bay Primary

The classes I read Toucan Can to all loved the different characters in this colourful book. All agreed that they indeed can do what Toucan can, even the cancan, if they only knew what that was. The school’s own IT expert then kindly enacted a one person cancan line, the footage of which was mysteriously lost.
While the Toucan itself was a firm favourite among many of the children, many also took a liking to ‘little pink bird’ and the panda, although it is the kangaroo that does the kung fu. Surprisingly though, it was one animal in particular – or was it several – the children loved to comment about. It was the black tiger, cheetah, black lion, big pussy cat. I’m not sure, if Aunt Samantha would be impressed with the mixing up of her beloved pet’s identity.
To sum up: Plenty of fun had by all.
Who can enjoy Toucan Can?
You can!

Below a layered poster complete with review by Kashish from Room 5 (Year 3/4):

2014-05-23 10.36.27
2014-05-23 10.38.45


2 thoughts on “‘Toucan Can’ by Juliette McIver and Sarah Davis

  1. Jane Arthur

    Thank you, Green Bay Primary! It sounds like you’ve been having HEAPS of fun with this book – Toucan would be proud! It is hard to choose a favourite character from this book, but I think mine might be Ewan because he looks so happy all the time. And a special thanks to Kashish for the beautifully presented book review!
    from Jane at Gecko Press (publishers of Toucan Can), http://www.geckopress.com


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