‘Anzac Day – The New Zealand Story’ by Philippa Werry

Reviewed by Lana Sanad (10), Year 6, Green Bay Primary

I really like this book because it has a lot of history that not much people would know about. The facts and information really wants me to keep reading and reading until my eyes went through each and every word – a page turner! The information is also very detailed. It shows how many countries fought, how many people, and the people who didn’t return home. The words are also not that difficult so any person with any age group in reading can still get a lot out of it.

 Even if you’re not the biggest fan of history or non-fiction it is still really an interesting book to know what the lives of the ANZACs was in the days. (ANZAC=Australian New Zealand Army Corps) The information will get stored in your head for good, and I’m sure because I know it did for me! I LOVE this book because it keeps on going so the interesting bits and the excitement doesn’t run out within a 3 sentence paragraph. They go through each word and try to explain it as good as possible (Even mentions how ANZAC biscuits were made, the history of them and their ingredients!) There are also a lot of photographs included from that time, even though not many words are written, the photographs alone tell a lot. I especially love the photograph, when there are burnt down trees and little fire puddles, with all muddy grounds with a half burnt bridge with more than a few ANZACS walking. It shows the youngest warrior, he pretended he was eighteen but really he was only fourteen. There were also acknowledgments, diary ripping, calendars and so much more…..This book made me think. How would it feel to go to war and knowing that you had an 80% chance not going back home? I love this book and I recommend it to all ages and people. If I say anymore I might spoil it!



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