‘When We Wake’ by Karen Healey

reviewed by Rowan, Teacher at Green Bay Primary

Karen Healey has written a fast moving futuristic book about a girl who was killed and wakes up from being cyronically frozen 100 years later in the year 2128. She is the first person the army revived in the whole time they had been conducting their experiments. Tegan is an example to the population of that time of a huge amount of money that they thought had been a waste and another person being a burden on their society considering the lack of food and facilities that they have.

 She goes from being in an army hospital to living with the doctor (Marie) who gave her life, and going to a school for the privileged. Tegan has to catch up quickly. At school she meets teenagers who are from privileged backgrounds. Her best friend is Betharii who is a Muslim and gay. She also meets Abdi Taalib who is a singing sensation and had been brought into Australia from Asia. She manages to actually get him to sing, somehitng he has not done since he entered Australia. With the help of these friends and Joph, a chemistry student,  Tegan needs to decide what kind of life she chooses to lead. The furture is a dangerous place, full of rules and pitfalls Tegan only slowly gets her head around.  She comes across an unsettling military secret, which sends her on a thrilling and dangerous odyssey in the Pacific region.

This is a thought provoking book about the future aimed at teenage readers. I would actively encourage teenage readers and indeed adults for a thought provoking view of the future. As an author Karen Healey is one I will be reading again.


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