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Book Review: Heart absolutely I can, by Michael Harlow

cv_heart_absolutely_i_canThis book is available in selected bookstores nationwide.

Heart absolutely I can is one of three books in the 2014 Hoopla series. The other two are Cinema by Helen Rickerby and Bird Murder by Stefanie Lash. All three collections follow a certain theme. For Heart it is love, for the others film and crime respectively. Heart is comprised of poems published in earlier collections as well as new material.

Harlow’s background is in Jungian psychology and in this vein he dissects the tangled undergrowth of human relationships. The vanities, longing, and secret desires of the subjects are exposed with a surprising frankness.

The harrowing disembodiment of a married couple in ‘The Identikit’ has something of an experimental horror movie, while the brevity of the lines in ‘In which’ suggests a hunted breathlessness of a conflicted mind.

In ‘Today is the piano’s birthday’ a family’s interconnectedness centers around said instrument. The piano…

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A Haiku a Day

Zee Southcombe

These are some of the haiku I wrote for Green Bay Writers‘ Challenge, which was to write a haiku everyday. I’d never written a haiku before, and only dabbled in poetry, so it was a creative challenge that stretched me out fantastically.

Forgotten future,
Built on possibilites –
Why did you leave me?

Hold me. Embrace me.
Let me close my eyes, and
pretend I am loved.

Bang! Crash! Slam, slam, slam!
“What’s wrong with you?” – everything /
nothing / I don’t know.

I beg you tell me,
Whose face do you show the world?
For it is not yours.

Are you friends with both
soaring hope and dark, cold fear?
Or, has love left you?

From silence is born
words of Truth from the devil.
The angels take note.

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